Sailcloth Art Project: A Material Investigation

The idea began as an artist, while racing, looked up and connected her passion for painting and sailing.   The sail shape beckoned for imagery. The artist started working with a dancer and photographer to capture improvisational movements of figures. The built environments include collaged figures of dancers floating up away from the sails to share the experiential and freeing feeling through sailing.
The Sailcloth Art Project is a multi-faceted project including artists, sailors, dancers, musicians, poets, and scientists extending cross-disciplinary interactions to the community at both art and sailing venues.  The first exhibition culminated at the Bayfront Maritime Center, in Erie, PA, during Tall Ships Erie 2016.  The goal of the project is to evoke the motion and fluidity of sailing, and the energy of the wind, with both indoor and outdoor installations consisting of large-scale painting and sculpture on recycled racing sails.
Collaborations exude: dance performances interwoven with the art environment, poetry and musical scores at receptions, the intermingling of science research and exploration to inform imagery and structure. The Sailcloth Art Project is a grant recipient of: Erie Arts & Culture and the SRU Student Faculty Research Grant providing support for multi-disciplinary involvement.

The Sailcloth Art Project educates and connects communities.